Modified Precision System (with Relay)

Slam Bidding

  1. Aces & Kings Inquiry
    1. GERBER (by 4C)/BLACKWOOD (by 4NT) Simple Aces/Kings Asking Inquiry::
      When suit is not matched, simple Aces are asked by either by 4C (Gerber) or (in case it cannot be asked by 4C then) by 4NT (Blackwood). If 4NT level is crossed (due to opponent's interference) then 5NT is used for Aces inquiry. Responses to Ace Asking Inquiry are simple replies i.e.
      Step I reply Zero or four Aces,
      Step II reply One Ace,
      Step III reply Two Aces,
      Step IV reply Three Aces.
      Now Simple KINGS are asked either by 4NT (5C) or by 5NT depending reply to Ace asking inquiry. In case of Gerber Ace asking inquiry, there is small advantage of QUEENS asking inquiry by 5NT also which is sometimes useful in 7NT contract.

    2. ROMAN Key Card Blackwood (R.K.C.B.) Ace Asking Inquiry::

      When suit is matched, then R.K.C.B. is used. It locates not only the Aces but also King & Queen of trumps. King of Trump is treated as one Key Card in addition to Four Aces. After matching of suit, RKCB is asked by 4NT (in spite of availability of 4C bid for Ace Asking Inquiry). Responses are 5C Zero or three key cards, 5D One or Four key cards, 5H two key cards without Trump Queen, 5S Two key cards with Trump Queen, 5NT Five key cards without Trump Queen and 6C Five key cards with Trump Queen.
      After reply of 5C or 5D, trump queen has not been shown or denied. To ask for trump Queen, bid the cheapest non trump suit asking "Do you have the Trump Queen?" Partner bids step I to say No & step II to say Yes.
      After reply to 4NT RKCB or answer to Trump Queen Ask, bid of 5NT asks for Kings outside the Trump Suit. Answers are simple replies i.e. 0-1-2 etc.


      1. If due to opponents interference 4C/4NT level is crossed then 4NT/5NT will be RKCB if Trump Suit has been matched earlier otherwise it will be simple Blackwood Ace Asking Inquiry.
      2. When club suit is opened at 3 level and above, 4NT will be RKCB with club as Trump Suit.

    3. Do not inquire Kings (in case of RKCB) showing interest in Grand Slam by 5NT unless (i) All Aces. (ii) Trump King and (iii) Trump Queen are held between combined hand.
    4. If opponents interfere after Ace asking enquiry: by suit overcall / or double, then responder should use D.O.P.I. i.e. Double/Redouble means Zero and Pass means One, next step shows two and so on. Use modified DOPI, if suit interference is at 5/6 level then Double means Zero or Two Aces and Pass means One or three aces.

    5. If reply to Ace inquiry coincides with Void suit then jump reply (very rare).

  2. Special RKCB by 4C of Two key cards & Trump Queen on Weak/pre-empts:-
    Special RKCB is used over both two level weak bids and three level pre-empt bids.Responses to Special RKCB by 4C are
    • 4D Zero Key card
    • 4H One Key card without Trump Queen
    • 4S One Key card with Trump Queen
    • 4NT Two key cards without Trump Queen and
    • 5C Two key cards with Trump Queen


    1. Special RKCB is still on even after first use of singleton relay (either by 4 C or 4NT as the case may be depending upon reply to short suit relay).
    2. In case of void, jump to suit with one key card and bid 5NT with two key cards. Jump to original suit if one key card & club void (when asked by 4C).

  3. Double key card RKCB:
    When 2 suits have matched, then double key card RKCB is used in which there will be six key cards and two trump queens. Responses are same except 5S bid shows lower suit Q, 5N shows higher suit Q, 6C shows both Q and 6D/6H shows 5 key cards without/with trump Q.

  4. Specific Ace asking bids:- Generally to be asked when two aces held by asker
    Warning:Before asking specific Ace / king inquiry please keep in mind whether reply to your inquiry does not cross six of trump suit and land yourself in problem.
    1. Ace Asking Bid by 5C {When it was possible by 4C (Simple Ace Asking) / 4NT (RKCB Ace Asking)} is Specific Ace Asking Bid (very rare). Responses to Specific Ace Asking Bid by 5C are:- No Ace Return to trump suit,5D D Ace, 5H H Ace, 5S S Ace, and 5NT C Ace.


      1. Now specific Kings can be asked by 5NT in case of Major Suit Ace reply & by 6C/6D in case of minor suit Ace reply.
      2. In case Two Aces are held then give jump call in the cheapest suit Ace. This means:
        1. 6D means Dia. & either H or S Aces.
        2. 6H means H & S Aces.
        3. 6S means S & C Aces.
        4. 6NT means D and C Aces.

    2. Opening bid of 4C is Specific Ace Asking Bid (Very Very Rare) This is used effectively when you hold a strong hand with a very long solid suit and a void.
      Responses to 4C opening bids are similar to 5C responses.
      • 4D No Ace
      • 4H H Ace
      • 4S S Ace;
      • 4NT D Ace
      • & 5C C Ace.


        1. Now Specific Kings is asked by 4NT in case of Major Suit Ace reply & 5C/5D in case of Minor Suit Ace reply.
        2. In case Two Aces are held then give jump call in the cheapest suit similar to 5C responses.

      {Very recently I got the opportunity to use this while playing in 24 pairs final with IMP scoring of 2nd Holkar National Bridge championship, Indore on 7th Nov 2004. With both vulnerable and West as Dealer I got following hand sitting west. S-AKJ10985432, H-Void, D-K5 and C-A & made opening bid of 4C, asking for specific Ace. Unfortunately my partner was having bust hand with two Js. Imagine the huge advantage, had my partner holding only 4 points in terms of D-A or even two points in terms of D-Q, grand slam/little slam would have been laid down with only 19HCPs/17HCPs.}

    3. Specific King Asking Bid:
      For Grand Slam in trumps, knowledge about specific kings is usually more relevant then BULK number because many grand slams do not require possession of all four kings. In Addition to the above two bids after the specific Ace Inquiry there are two more methods for specific king asking bid namely (a) Specific king asking bid and, (b) Improved king asking bid.

      (A) Specific King Asking bid:
      After Gerber Ace asking inquiry by 4C use of 5NT Blackwood for king enquiry when it is possible with 4NT/5C/5D. Responses are : 6C Club King, 6D D King, 6H Heart King, 6S Spade King. Bid of six of trump suit shows No king.

      (B) Improved King Asking Bid(Only after RKC).
      This is asked by 5NT. The key concepts are:

      1. The king asking bid requests responder to cue bid his cheapest King.(Six of the trump suit denies any king).
      2. After hearing about cheapest King, the asker keeps asking and teller keeps telling.

    4. Queen or doubleton of side suit:
      After RKCB Ace asking enquiry, if King asking inquiry of 5NT is bypassed & bid of 6 level of any other suit is made, it is asking whether there is queen or doubleton of this suit. Partner bids Six of trump suit to say NO and bids Grand Slam to say YES.

    5. Asking Bids:
      These are used primarily after 4 level pre-empts by partner, specially when vulnerable. e.g. opener :- 4H; Responder :- 5C. 5C is an asking bid. Opener is asked if he has 2 losers in C, if so, he returns to 5H, if he has 2nd round control of C (singleton or K) he bids slam and if he has 1st round control of C (A or void), he bids 7C.

    6. Cue Bid Blackwood:
      When opponent pre-empts at 3 level or higher and partner makes a take out Dbl or overcall, your 4NT is normal and cue bid functions as blackwood.


      West North East South
      3S Dbl. Pass 4S (Blackwood)
      3S Dbl. Pass 4NT (Natural, slam invitation / 3NT sign off)
      4D 4H Pass 4NT Natural, slam invitation.
      4C 4H Pass 5C (Blackwood)