Weak opening bids of 2H/2S (showing 7-9/10 & 6 cards suit) & its Responses

  1. Weak opening bids of 2H/2S & various rebids on Relay of 2NT by partner:-
    1. Weak opening bids of 2H/2S:- When you have got 7-9/10 pts & six cards Major suit, you bid 2H/2S. It should be kept in mind that
      1. It should contain generally two honours (out of top three honours),
      2. Most of the points in bid suit and
      3. Should have other major short. This serves to take up opponent's bidding space & particularly makes it difficult to find 4-4 fit in other major.

    2. Rebids on responder's forcing bid of 2NT (relay for singleton):- In case opener has got any singleton, he has to show same by bidding singleton suit otherwise he jumps the suit if min., repeat the suit if headed by A,K or K,Q,J and bid 3NT if maximum showing outside A or K.

  2. Responses by partner:-After opener has bid 2H/2S, if responder has 14/15+ pts. and 3 cards support (or two cards with one honour), either he bids relay of 2NT (asking for singleton)and/or uses special RKCB (of 2 key cards & trump Q) in case he is interested in slam, otherwise jumps to game According to replies he gets from opener, he bids final contract. All other normal bids are natural & not forcing.