Opening bid of 2NT(Artificial/showing 12/14 pts and both minor suits) & its Responses

  1. Opening bid of 2NT(showing both minor suits) and various rebids on relay of 3H by partner:-
    1. Opening bid of 2NT :- When you have both minor suits, min. 5-5, and 12-14 points (min. 10/11pts in minor suits as major suits pts are likely to be wasted), you bid 2NT. Your distribution can be 5-5-2(1)-1(2), 5-5-3-0 , 6-5-1-1 or 6-5-2-0 and very rarely it can be 6-6-1-0, 7-5-1-0, 7-6-0-0, etc.(Note-In case, if you have both minor suits but less points i.e. 10-11, you open 1D)

    2. Rebids by opener on relay of 3H(artificial, forcing for 1 round):- Opener has to first show dist. of major suits (minor suits are min. 5-5 cards), whether one of the major is void or singleton. Bid of any major i.e. 3S/4H(generally this major will be 3 carded but it can be 2 carded also, in case of 6-5-2-0-dist) shows other major void whereas bid of 3NT shows 2-1 dist. however bid of minor suit i.e. 4C/4D shows 6-5-1-1 dist. (bid suit minor is 6 carded) and in rare case jump of minor shows 6-6-1-0 or 7-5-1-0 dist.

  2. Responses by partner:- After opener has bid 2NT ( showing both minor, min. 5-5), responder has to first see, his holding in minor suits & depending upon his points, he should bid part game or game and above.
    1. With less points, he should sign off in suitable minor suit i.e. 3C/3D, in case of min. 3 cards support otherwise he passes

    2. With 12+ points, he either
      1. relays by 3H(artificial, forcing for 1 round asking position of balance 3 cards),

      2. jumps to 4C/4D for identifying the trump suit (on which opener bids singleton major so that responder can use RKC by 4NT)

      3. jumps to 4NT (in case both minors are matching) asking RKC for both minors