Opening bid of 2C/2D (showing 14/15 pts and min. 5 cards minor bid suit) & its Responses

  1. Opening bid of 2C/2D and various rebids on forcing bids (2D/2H) of responder :-
    1. Opening bid of 2C/2D:- When you have 14-15 points and min. 5 card of one of the minor suits having unbalanced hand (i.e. one of the major singleton without honour), you bid that minor suit at 2 level i.e. 2C/2D. (If you have other minor singleton then, you have got option to bid 1NT or 1C, depending upon your holding.) You can have either (i) other suit 4 cards major/minor or (ii) 6 cards bid suit minor i.e. 5-4-3-1 or 6-3-3-1 distribution.

    2. Rebids by opener on forcing bids of responder
      There are two forcing bids by responder viz
      (a) Game Force:- on responder's jump bids in major i.e. 3H/3S (showing 11+ pts. & just 5 cards bid major suit), opener on rebid,raise to game if he has got 3 cards support otherwise he bids as per his holding i.e 3NT/4C/4D.
      (b) One Round Force:- On responder's relay bid of 2D/2H, (artificial, seeking 4 cards major suit & min. 9/10 pts.), opener on rebid shows 4 cards major suit i.e. 2H/2S/3H if any, otherwise bids as per his holding i.e. 3C/3D (next 4 cards suit or repeat original suit if 6 cards i.e. 3C/3D)
  2. Responses by the partner:-After opener has bid 2C/2D, responder has to first count his points and decide whether it is part game, borderline game, sure game and above. As point range is narrow i.e. one and suit is known, in most of the cases, responder will be able to judge comfortably final contract.
    1. With 11+ points, he has got three options viz
      1. Having just 5 cards major suit, he jumps in a major i.e. 3H/3S to find out whether opener has got 3 cards support or not
      2. With min. 4 card of major suit, he relays by 2H/2D to find out, whether opener has got 4 cards major or not and bids the appropriate contract according to opener's known dist. on relays,
      3. If no 4 cards major, then he can jump to 3NT/5 of minor suit game i.e. 5C/5D

    2. With 6-9/10 points and
      1. with min. 3 card support raise the suit i.e. 3C/3D
      2. no support, bid 5 cards non relay suit, if any, or 2NT

    3. With 0-5/6, he passes.

Points TO remember on 2C/2D opening

  1. RELAYS:-
  2. (A) Opener never uses any relays. he has to only go on replying to responder's relays as now onward responder is the captain of the game.

    (B) Here responder can use only distribution relay by 2D/2H in case he has 11+ pts. & 4 cards major suit (i.e.) 2C/2D-P-2D/2H-P/?). However if he has just 5 cards major suit & 11+ pts. he should use direct route by jumping in major suit e.g 2C/2D-P-3H/3S. Opener to support with min 3 cards , Otherwise bid as per his holding.

    (C) Opener's replies on relay of 2D/2H:- On 1st relay of 2D/2H, opener has to show, first 4 cards major, if any, otherwise show 4 cards other minor, if any, or else bid 3C/3D, Generally after reply of 1st relay of opener, responder will have more or less clear picture of opener's distribution so that he is position to bid final contract in the next bid itself. But still if he wants more information, he should use further relay by immidiate next higher suit on which opener will show next 3 cards suit, if earlier shown 4 cards suit or singleton, if earlier shown 6 cardssuit.

  3. JUMP BIDS :-
  4. (A) There is no jump bid by opener of 2C/2D.

    (B) Responder can give jump bids on two occasions viz. (i) Game force in major by giving jump in major suit showing just 5 cards major & 11+ pts. e.g. 2C/2D-P-3NT or 5C/5D showing 11+ pts & no 4 cards major.

  5. Handling of Interference by opponents after 2C/2D opening
  6. (A) One/two/three level interference, either by suit call, NT or Dbl.,round relay e.g. 2C/2D - int by opp.-Dbl/Redbl. opener has to reply accordingly to his holding e.g 2C/2D opp. by suit call -dbl.- P/2S/2H or 3H/3S as case may be, in case of having 4 cards major suit otherwise show 6 cards minor according to his holding. Subsequent dbl. by Responder case of further interference by opponents will be for penalty.

    (B) One /two/three level interference, either by suit call, NT or Dbl., after response:- In case interference is after 1st relay of responder, then bid first 4 cards major, if any otherwise bid 6 cards minor as per holding, in case interference suit is opener's should dbl. Informing responder that his suit is same as that of opponent