Opening bid of 1C (artificial, forcing,showing only 16+pts) and its Responses

  1. Opening bid of 1C(artificial) and various rebids on forcing bids of responder:-
    1. Opening bid of 1C:-
      This is the strongest & only forcing bid(i.e. it cannot be passed by his partner) of all the opening bids. Responder has to reply irrespective of his hand. When you have got 16+ pts., you convey this good news to partner by bidding 1C (irrespective of any dist.) which is an artificial bid, only points showing and is forcing & it has nothing to do with club suit. Opener can have any distribution.

    2. Rebids by opener on partner's reply:-
      There are three types of replies you can get from responder viz.
      1. Negative(Weak) i.e. less than 8/9 pts. in which case reply is 1D(irrespective of any dist.). This is an artificial bid showing less than 8/9 pts. & has nothing to do with Dia.suit.
      2. Strong i.e. 12+ pts., in which case his reply will be 1H(irrespective of any dist.). This is an artificial bid showing 12+ pts. and has nothing to do with H suit.
      3. Positive(but limited) i.e.8/9-11 pts. in which case reply will be natural i.e. 1S/1NT/2C/2D/2H showing min. 5 cards suit, if any, otherwise balanced hand.

    3. On negative(weak) reply, i.e. 1D, if opener has 16-18 pts., his rebids are natural i.e. 1S/1NT/2C/2D/2H, showing his min 5 card suit, if any, or balanced hand but if he has 19+ pts. he bids 1H i.e. Jackson Relay(irrespective of any dist.) which is an artificial bid. This is again forcing & has nothing to do with Heart suit.
      On strong reply i.e. 1H (artificial) showing 12+ points, opener's rebids are natural, if he has 16-18 pts. i.e. 1NT/2C/2D/2H/2S but in case he has 19+ pts., he bid 1S which is artificial showing 19+ pts. & has nothing to do with Spade suit. Thus informing each other at one level itself that at least little slam is there.
      On positive(but limited) reply, i.e. 1S/1NT/2C/2D/2H, opener's rebids are natural and continues giving natural bids till game is reached.

  2. Responses by partner:-
    After opener has given bid of 1C (artificial, forcing & showing 16+ points), responder has to first count his points and reply accordingly. There can be 3 types of replies viz:
    1. Negative(Weak):
      If he has less than 8/9 pts.(8 in case of suit and 9 in case of bal. hand) he gives artificial bid of 1D(irrespective of his dist.).This is an artificial bid, only points showing (i.e. less than 8/9 pts.). It is negative bid and has nothing to do with Dia. suit,

    2. Strong:
      Similarly, if he has 12+ pts., he conveys further good news by bidding 1H (irrespective of his dist.) which is an artificial bid, only pts. showing (i.e.12+). This is strong bid and has nothing to do with H suit. All subsequent biddings by him are natural.

    3. Positive (but limited):
      If he has 8/9-11 pts., he gives positive natural bid i.e. 1S/1NT/2C/2D/2H showing min. 5 card suit or balanced hand. All subsequent biddings are natural till game is reached.(Note:-Rarely when he has got 6 card suit headed by Ace ,King & Queen, he gives jump reply in that suit i.e.2S/3C/3D/3H).

Points to remember on 1C opening

  1. Relays:-
    There are No Distribution Relays on 1C opening. Only
    1. Jackson Relay by opener by 1H (to show 19+ pts.) on negative reply of 1D of Responderi.e. 1C-P-1D-P|1H or
    2. Strength showing Relay of 1H (to show 12+) by Responder i.e.1C-P-1H.

  2. Jumps bids:-
    1. There are no jumps bids on 1C opening by the responder except (i) 2D/2H to show 8-11 & min. 5 card suit because 1D is artificial(showing less than 8/9 pts) i.e. 1C-P-2D likewise as 1H is also artificial(showing 12+ pts) i.e.1C-P-2H

    2. Similarly there no jumps bid by the opener of 1C except (i) Jump of 2H (showing 16-18 & min. 5 card H suit) on negative reply of 1D (showing less than 8/9 pts) because 1H by opener will show 19+ pts or (ii) Jump of 2S (showing 16-18 & min.5 card S suit) on strength showing reply of 1H (12+) because 1S will show 19+pts. and (iii) however jump in same suit shows 19-21 &bal. But jump to game shows bare 16 Pts. (iv) Other than this ,all other jump shift bids will be either splinter bid or Jacoby 2NT showing interest in slam

  3. Handling of Interference by opponents after 1C opening:-
    1. One level interference, either by suit call /NT or Dbl, before response i.e. 1C - intf.of opp. --?):-
      1. Having 0-4 pts should PASS
      2. Having 5-7/8 pts & min.5 card suit, if any, give suit bid (i.e.1D/1H/1S/2C/2D) or bid NT with stopper, otherwise bid 2C (showing bal. hand or C suit) &
      3. Having 8+ pts should dbl./redbl. (Note:-Here you cannot show 12+ pts. but you can take over the control later on after matching/non matching of suit & taking into consideration of opponent's bidding.)
      4. Note:- For higher level interference, for (i) & (iii) there will be no problem but for (ii), little judgement have to be use depending upon level of reply.

    2. Interference, either by suit call / NT or Dbl, after response i.e.1C - P -- 1D/1H or 1S/1NT/2C/2D - same level intf. by opp.- / ? :
      1. In case of Negative reply, double of interference bid or jump suit bid shows 19+ pts. i.e. 1C - P - 1D - int. of opp./ Dbl. or jump in suit (in which case responder's rebid will be according to his holding)
      2. whereas in case of Positive(but limited) reply, all normal bids shows 16-18 pts and natural i.e. pass shows no 5 cards suit, NT bid shows stopper & suit bid shows min.5 card suit.
      3. but in case Strong reply i.e.1C-P-1H-intf.of opp. - / ?, here dbl. will show 19+ & all other normal bids are natural showing 16-18 pts.
        Note:- For higher level interference, use your judgement.