Modified Precision System (with Relay)


Opener Responder Further Bidding
Opener Responder

(1) 16+ & any distribution.1C(Artificial, Forcing)
Only points showing bid

(a) Strong:- 12+ & any dist. 1H (Relay for add. strength)artificial, forcing only points showing

(i)As passed hand obviously can not relay, 1H bid will be natural.
(ii)Similarly, on opponent's interference either by double or suit call, un-passed hand's 1H bid will be natural (showing 5-8 pts and H suit), which means; he cannot show 12+ pts. but later he can take over control after suit matching/ not matching and taking into consideration of opponent's interference.

(b) Positive (but limited):- 8/9-11 & min. 5 cards suit or bal. i.e, 1S/1NT/2C/2D/2H (Natural)............

i)19+ & any dist. 1S (Artificial, Forcing)
ii)16-18 & min 5 cards suit or bal. i.e. 1NT/2C/2D/2H/2S (Natural)...........................

All further normal bids are natural and jump shift bids are either Jacoby 2NT* or splinter showing interest in slam.

Further bidding will be natural in both the cases


* Reply to 2NT Jacoby bid is (i)Simple (jump) reply if singleton (void), otherwise (ii)jump to original suit if min. but if maximum, bid 3NT and 3 of major with 6 cards. (& in case of singleton, further relay by next higher call to find out honour. Step reply shows NIL,Q,K or A.In case of singleton spade next relay will be by 4C & not by 3NT)

(c) Negative:
Less than 8 with min 5 card suit Or 9 with bal. 1D(Artificial, Almost Forcing) (1st Neg)..........
(a)16-18 & min.5 cards suit or Bal i.e., 1S/1NT/2C/2D/2H (Natural).......................

Bid as per holding

(Note:- On 1NT of opener, Jacoby transfer by responder same as 1NT opening

(b)19 plus 1H (Jackson Relay)..................
Artificial, Forcing
i) Less than 5 1S (Artificial) (2nd Neg)
ii) 5-7 & min. 5 cards suit Suit call i.e. 2D/2H/2S/3C
(3C denies 4 cards major)
iii)5-8 & bal. 2C (Artificial) but not 2NT

(c) After 1S (2nd negative):-
(i) 19-21 & min. 5 cards suit/bal i.e. 1NT/2D/2H/2S/3C............................

(ii) 22+ & any dist .....................................
2C (Artificial, Forcing)

Bid as per holding

(i) less than 3(bust hand) 2D (Artificial) (3rd Neg)
(ii) 3-5 Bid min. 5 cards suit, i.e. 2H/2S/3D or 3C if Bal. or club suit but not 2NT. (In case of more than 5 cards suit give suitable jump, i.e. bid 3H/3S/4C/4D on 6 card suit and 4H/4S/5C/5D on 7 cards suit.) In case of 3C response, 3D by opener is asking for 4 card major.

(d) After 2D (3rd negative):-
(i) 2NT/2H/2S/3C/3D Natural (not forcing)
(ii)jump to 3H/3S/4C/4D Natural (Forcing)
(iii)jump to 3NT 24+

Bid as per holding
Bid as per holding

(2) 11-15 & min. 5 cards Major suit
1H/1S (Natural, Non-forcing)

(a) 0-5/6 Pass
(b)Min. 3 cards support & upto 16 pts.

(i) 5/6-9 single raise i.e. 2H/2S

(ii) 10/11 doubleraise i.e. 3H/3S

(iii) 12/13 (or with less pts. when 5/6 cards support) raise to game i.e. 4H/4S.

(iii) with 14+, either jump to 2NT (Jacoby Relay for singleton)


give splinter bid (when min. 4 cards support with one honour and some singleton(void) ) Splinter bid by single(double) jump in the suit i.e. 2S /3C/3D/3H (singleton) or 3S/4C/4D/4H(Void)

(c) No support &
(i) 7-9 Bid 5 cards suit or NT (except relay suit ) i.e 1NT/2C/2D/2H Non-forcing Natural

(On 1H, 1NT can have 5 card bad S suit)

(ii) 13+ (or 10 with 4/5 cards other major / 5-6 cards minor suit/ 2 cards of bid major/ slam interest) 1S/1NT. Relay for range(i.e. 11-13 or 14-15).............

Artificial, Forcing for 1 round

On 2H/2S, game try, if 14-15, by short-suit if opener has some singleton i.e.2S/3C/3D/3H or via 2NT asking partner whether he has singleton..............

Limit raise. Opener to bid game with 14/15 or have some singleton if less pts.


(i) First show singleton(void), if any, i.e. 3C/3D/3S (singleton) or 4C/4D/4S (Void)...
. (Here you cannot show 11-13 or 14-15)
(ii) If no singleton, then bid 4H/4S with 11-13 (including six cards suit),3NT with 14-15 and 3H/3S with 6 cards and 14-15
(i) With wasted value bid game i.e. 4H/4S
(you can have 11-13 or 14-15)
(ii) 3NT shows 14-15 and no wasted values
(iii) 3H/3S shows 14-15 and 6 cards suit
(iv) Any other bid shows no wasted values as well as opener's singleton (can be 11-13)

(i) On 1NT/2C/2D response:
(a) Opener to pass with 11-13 and 5 cards suit (even with some singleton).
(b) If 6 cards and some singleton bid 2H/2S even with 11-13 pts.
(c) All other normal bid show 14-15 & 4 cards next suit or 6 cards suit or balance i.e. 2C/2D/2H/2S/2NT/3C (Natural).
(ii) On 2C/2D/2H response:
(a) With 11-13 always pass irrespective of support, no support or 6 cards.
(b) All other normal bids show 14-15 and next 4 cards suit or support or no support or six cards i.e. 2D/2H/2S/2N/3C/3D

(i) First show 11-13 by bidding next higher suit i.e. 1N/2C irresp. of dist...........................
(ii) All other normal bids show 14-15 & next 4 cards suit or no suit or 6 cards i.e. 2C/2D/2H/2S/2N/3C (Natural).......................
(iii) Jump bid shows 6-5 dist (1 void or 1-1), Double jump shows 6-6 or 7-5 dist (1 void), Triple jump shows 7-6 or 8-5 dist (2 void)...............................................

Bid game if no wasted values otherwise bid 3H/3S
(Note:- Anytime, including 1C opening after major match, immediate next suit bid shows singleton in bid suit)

Next higher suit bid is relay for 'what is singleton' ; whether Honour or Not? Step reply shows Nil, Q, K or A respectively. (In case of 3S response, it will be by 4C and not 3NT. You are not crossing 4 of trump suit.)

Responder to take final decision regarding level of contract according to his holdings.

Next higher suit bids are further relay for dist (OR jump to other major. shows game force with just 5 cards of bid suit seeking 3 cards support)


(In case of single jump, Opener's NT shows 1-1 dist.and suit bid shows void)



Further bidding by Opener

(3)11-13/15 & no 5 cards Major 1D(Artificial, Non-forcing)......

{Note: In case of 1(4)=4(1)=4=4 dist, it can have 14/15 points which is shown by jump to major i.e. 2S/3H on first relay}

(a) 13 plus &
(i)4(6+)cards major Dist relay by 1H
, forcing)....................
Note: No relay of 1H by passed hand or on opponent's take out double.It is 5 cards H suit
(ii)Just 5 cards major suit & bal. jump in major suit i.e.2S/3H (Opener to raise the major with min. 3 cards or bid NT.)
(iii) bal.hand & no 4 cards major. 3NT
(iv)unbal.( i.e. major singleton) & 5/6 cards minor suit jump in minor i.e. 3C/3D
{opener to bid (i) first min. 5 cards other minor suit i.e 3D/4C, if any, otherwise (ii) bid better major i.e. 3H/3S, showing 3 cards, or (iii) 3NT, showing 2 cards support and (iv) raise minor with 4 cards support}
(b) Just 12 & Bal 2NT, (Opener to bid as per his holding)
(c) 6-11 & 5 cards suit or bal 1S/1NT/2C/2D/2H(Natural, non-forcing).
Note: Opener to change the suit only if he has singleton.
(d) Less than 6 pass.

On 1st relay for strength/dist:- All bids, except jump to major i.e. 2S/3H, shows 11-13.
(i) First show 4 cards major suit, if any,i.e. 1S/2H (2H denies 4 cards Spade) as it is easier to make game in Major than in Minor.
(ii) Otherwise show 5 cards minor suit, if any, i.e. 2C/2D. (This denies 4 cards Major). (iii) OR bid 1NT guaranteeing min. 3 cards minor support.(This denies 4 cards Major as well as 5 cards minor).
On 2nd relay:-
i) If earlier shown 4 cards major suit then show 4 cards other major /minor suit(can be 5 cards also), if any, otherwise bid NT.
(ii)If shown 5 cards minor suit, then show other 4 cards minor suit ,if any, or repeat original suit if 6 cards or bid NT.
(iii)If earlier bid NT then bid of 2D shows 4 cards Dia. Bid of 3C , denies 4 cards Dia.

(4)14 - 15 & Bal. 1NT......................
(Natural, Non-forcing)
Can have 5 (6) cards or singleton minor.

(a) 0-7 & no 4/5 cards major Pass
(b) 2C is Stayman. Game values i.e. 11+ or invitational values i.e 8-10*
(c) 5-8/10 and min 5 cards major suit 2D/2H (Transfer to H/S respectively)** can be weak(5-7) or invitional (8-10), or Game Force) 2C/2D (Artificial)
(d) 11+ & only 5 cards suit & balance jump in suit
(i.e. 3C/3D/3H/3S)
Note: Jump in minor shows slam interest. Opener to raise minor if 4 cards, bid NT if 2 cards and bid better major if 3 cards support.

(1) On stayman, first show H then S on 2NT if both major.
(2)* However after Stayman, if major suit is bid (on 2D reply of opener) then it shows bid major 5 cards & other major 4 cards & invitional values
(3)** However 2S is transfer to any minor (sign off) when responder is having min 6 cards minor suit & singleton major suit, Opener to bid 3C which will be Passed or corrected to 3D by responder.

SPECIAL NOTE:- If desired, you can play, alternatively non forcing stayman (2 club) & forcing stayman in place of Jacoby Transfer

(5)14-15 & min. 5 cards Minor suit & Unbal.* 2C/2D
(Natural, Non-forcing)

* i.e. having some major singleton (without honour), otherwise you can open 1NT or 1C depending upon your holding.

(a) Normally 0-5/6 pass
(b) 6-9 and:
(i) Min 3 card Support raise of suit
(ii) No support bid 5 cards suit, if any, (except relay suit) or 2NT.
(c) 11 plus &: 4/5 cards major suit
(i) Relay by next higher suit i.e. 2D/2H
(ii) just 5 cards major suit jump in major i.e. 3H/3S(seeking 3 cards support from opener)

(6) Both minor & 12-14 2NT (Artificial, min. 10/11 pts. in minors)
(i)With 10-11, open ID & on relay show both minor suit.
(ii)Lower the pts., no wasted values in majors.

(a)12 plus 3H (artificial, forcing, Relay for singleton or void in major) ..................................
(b)4C/4D identifying trump suit and asking opener to bid singleton major so that responder can use RKC by 4NT.
(c)3C/3D/3S/3NT are sign off
(d)4NT double key card RKC
(e)No 3 cards minor support & less pts. pass

i)Major void Bid of one major shows other major void (showing 5-5-3-0 or5(6)-5(6)-3(2)-0 dis).
ii)No void 3 NT shows 5-5-2(1)-1(2) dist. & bid of minor shows 6-5-1-1 dist.
iii)Single(double) jump in Minor suit shows bid suit minor longer with one(two) major(s) void(s).

(7) 7-9/10 & 6 cards major 2H/2S

(Generally min 2 honours out of 3 in called suit).

(a)13 plus & good fit.
(i)2NT relay for singleton AND / OR........
(ii)Use of Special RKCB by 4C with two key cards and trump Queen.
(b) All other normal calls are natural.

- Do - as per (1)(a) (a)(i) (& (i) jump to game i.e. 4H/4S shows broken suit and no side suit A or K, (ii)repeat of the trump suit i.e 3H/3S shows suit headed by A,K or K,Q,J with no side suit A or K and (iii) 3NT shows broken trump suit with side suit A.)

(8) Min 7 cards of suit & less than 8 (mostly in called suit). pre-emptive call of 3 level i.e. 3C/3D/3H/3S.

Note:- NO outside A or K.

(a)Reply according to number of tricks and not on points.
(b)For asking singleton, relay by next higher call including 3NT.
(c) Use of Special RKCB by 4C with two key cards and trump Queen.

Favourable Vul 4 tricks short.
Equal Vul 3 Tricks short.
Adverse Vul 2 Tricks short.


(1) General Guideline for counting points for normal opening bids i.e. 1D/1H/1S /1NT/2C/2D/2NT (& not on 1C opening bid showing 16+ pts. or 1H response to it showing 12+ pts. where only max.1 dist. Is to be added)

(a) For Opening Bid:-
  (i) Opener should add first all High Card Points with A=4, K=3, Q=2 & J=1
  (ii) Add to this, Distribution points, as follows, for final count:
    (a) One point for each additional card in excess of five cards of a suit.
    (b) One point in case of two five cards suits.
    (c) Only one point for void (it might be partner’s suit)
    (d) No addition for singleton/doubleton or no deduction for i) Ace less hand ii) singleton K, Q or J and iii) Q x or J x (because these will be known to the responder during relays)
(b) For response:- Responder should generally count HCPs and adjust dist. pts. (upgrade/degrade).depending upon opener’s distribution which will be known during relays.
(c) Opener may upgrade/degrade his hand only after further bidding particularly of opponents and not during relays.

(2) Normal opening bids i.e.1D/1H/1S/1NT/2C/2D/2NT, can be divided in two groups viz.(a) opening bids with narrow margin of 1 point i.e.1NT/2C/2D (14-15) where responder can place the final contract immediately appx. 95% of times & 2 points i.e. 1D (11-13)/2NT (12-14) . appx. 90% of times as range & suit/dist. is known or (b) with wide margin of 4 points i.e.1H/1S (11-15) , responder can place the final contract immediately appx.70% of times as there is wide margin of 4 pts. hence needs further investigation of pts. range i.e.11-13 or 14-15(which takes first priority over everything else) by relay bid.

Points To Remember:-

(1) Single Jump shift bids (generally in major suit) by responder are game force (to be given when combined hand has game pts.). In case of narrow margin group it is just 5 cards suit, seeking 3 cards support of opener.(In case no 3 cards support, opener to bid as per his holding) whereas in case of wide margin group it is splinter bid showing min. 4 cards support with 1 honour in bid suit of opener & singleton of responder. However jump after reply of relay bid (irrespective of whether it has shown 11-13 or 14-15) is just 5 cards bid suit & game force, seeking 3 cards support of opener. Note:- In case of 6+ cards suit (there is no need to give jump call) or 4 cards suit (generally major suit) , responder should go on relaying to find opener's further distribution i.e. whether he has 4/3/2/1/void of his 6+ cards suit or 4 cards suit.

(2) Relay bids by responder are one round force. In case of narrow margin opening bids i.e.1D/!NT/2C/2D, relay bids are asking further distribution of opener. It is used by responder only when he does not have other 5 cards suit, no support of opener’s suit & have min.10 or more pts. , seeking fit in other suits. But in case of wide margin opening bids i.e.1H/1S, it is asking opener’s pts. range i.e. 11-13 or 14-15. Relay is given only when opener’s major suitis not matched. Generally after two relays, appx. 90% of times, responder will be in a position to place the final contract. But there can be 3rd relay bid by responder to find opener’s further dist. However, in case responder has min. 3 cards support & upto 16 pts. he has to give suitable bid of shown major depending upon his holding i.e. single raise with 6-9 pts., double raise with 10-11 pts., game raise with 12 pts. ( or with less pts. if 5/6 cards support) , Jacoby 2NT (asking singleton) with 13+ pts. or splinter with 13+ pts. ( Note:-with 16+ & 3 cards support where possibility of slam is there , you can go via relay to find 11-13 or 14-15). To remind once again that here immediate single jump shift bid on opening is splinter bid.

(3) On 1C opening bid which is artificial & forcing (showing 16+ pts. with any dist.), there are no jump bids by responder (except 2D/2H as 1D is artificial showing less than 8 pts. & 1H is also artificial showing 12+ pts., responder has to bid 2D/ 2H to show 8-11 pts with Dia./ Heart suit). Similarly there are no relay bids by responder. Only opener can use Jackson relay on 1D reply, by 1H, if he has 19+ pts. & further relay by 2C, on 1S reply (showing less than 5 pts.) if he has 22+ pts. Other than these, all other bids are natural.

Bidding when opponents interfere


(a) Interference upto 2D level except strong No-Trump (Note: In immediate second seat position).

Holding Call Response

(1)13 plus & short in opp's suit (normally not more than two losers) or 15 plus.......................................................................

(2)(i) 15-17/18 & one stopper..............................

(ii) -do- & no stopper............................................

(3)Strong hand

(i)19 plus............................................................

(ii)22 plus & own suit.........................................


1NT / 2NT.....(may have 5 cards minor suit)

Double but jump on +ve response.

Double but on denial, jump on next round

Double, but on denial - cue bid on next round (repeat cue bid if void in opp's suit).

Denial (0-6) by next higher call; simple call with 7-10 and jump call with 11 plus.

Same as on 1 NT opening i.e. 2C/2D Non/Forcing stayman etc. Response point range may be adjusted

As per (1) above (& bid as per holding on jump).

-- do -- (& again denial by next higher call if less than three points on cue bid)

(b)Interference by Preemptive call:


i)12-15 & a suit

ii)16 plus

iii)16-18 & one stopper

Suit call


2NT / 3NT

Bid as per holding

Denial (0-4) by next higher call; Simple call with 5-8 points; Jump reply with 9 plus (normally points in opp's suit not to be counted)

Same as on 1 NT opening i.e. 3C/3D Non / Forcing stayman etc. Response point range may be adjusted.

(Note:In balancing position reduce the above scale by 3 points)

B)FOR RESPONSE (Interference upto 2S level)

Interference by:
(i)Take out double

(ii)Suit over call

a) Redouble with combined hand game or more.(Note:In case of 1D/1H/1S/2C/2D opening it is first round relay.)
b) On 1C opening, pass with 0-4 & simple call with 5-8.
c) No stayman on 1NT opening.

a) On 1C opening, pass with 0-4 & simple call with 5-8(with no stopper & bal. hand bid 2C or 3C if higher side points.
b) With game going or more points:-
i) Double (Note:In case of 1D/1H/1S/2C/2D opening it is first round relay.)
ii)Cue bid which may be showing strong support having opponent suit singleton or Direction Asking Bid i.e. seeking stopper in opponent suit.



Single or Double Jump overcall corresponding to preemptive level

Bid as per the holding.

(2)5-15 & suit
(If upto 10 pts, rebid your suit otherwise bid a new suit if partner responds other than simple raise).

Suit overcall............


i)Lower the points better the suit.

ii)2 level overcall with min. 5 cards & 11 plus

iii)No call again (except in same suit) in another suit, if less than 10 points.

A)with 3 cards support:
i)good 5 - poor 9 simple raise of partner's suit.
ii)good 9 - 11 cue bid LHO's suit (an unassuming cue bid).
iii)12-13 -do- but raise partner's suit if he repeats his suit.
iv)14+ -do- but bid game or more descriptive bid on partner's rebids.

B)with no support:
i)0-8 pass except you have very good suit.
ii)9-13 bid your suit or NT as the case may be.
iii)14+ jump according to holding (forcing).

(3)On opponent's strong NT use D.O.N.T................................................................................................................................................................... For details see Annexure-v


    1. Top honours: Ace, King or Queen
    2. Trump fit:
      1. Grand fit Honour with 4 cards or more than 5 cards
      2. Good fit Honour with 3 cards or 5 cards
  1. Double:
    1. Responsive:- Is used when opponent bid and his partner raises after take out double by your partner, then your double indicates 9 plus and wish to compete but no suit, which partner can convert into penalty if it suits him.

    2. Of 3NT:- Directs you to lead:
      1. Your, partner's, or dummy's suit (including stayman if used).
      2. Other minor if stayman not doubled.
      3. Club if no suit exchanged (1NT-2NT-3NT) or
      4. On 1NT-3NT, your short suit without K or Q as partner's double promises some solid or semi-solid suit.

    3. Of Blackwood: "partner, please lead the highest ranking unbid suit".

    4. Of Slam (Lightner): Asking partner to find unusual lead. Most of the time doubler is void of a suit and wants to score immediate ruff. It prohibits to lead trump, your or Partner's suit; but directs you to lead Dummy's or Declarer's first bid side suit if bid and failing above, your longest suit.

    5. Sacrificial slam double: If in competitive bidding, opponent reaches slam the

      1st hand

      1. double if he had two sure tricks and
      2. passes with one or no trick...and on passed hand.

      3rd hand

      1. passes with two sure tricks.
      2. sacrifices with no trick and
      3. doubles with one trick telling partner to pass if he has one trick otherwise..sacrifice.