G.P. Gupta is an Oil Sector veteran, having worked in the largest Public Sector Corporations in India, namely ONGC(21/2 years) and Indian Oil(33 years), after graduating as Civil Engineer from M.S. University of Baroda, Baroda(Gujarat State), India in the year 1962. He retired in 1998 and developed his full time passions for Bridge and Yoga. As he nears his 75th birthday, he considers himself one of those few lucky persons whose birthday is celebrated by millions around the world as Valentine's Day.

Though G. P. Gupta learnt playing Bridge in the 1970, he couldn't progress much due to about 25 postings across India during his service career where there was no bridge except in Delhi in mid-Eighties and in Vadodara in late Nineties.

At the end of the Twentieth century, G. P. Gupta came across a simple relay system, played by a colleague in Indian Oil, wherein he played 1D opening bid of Precision as 11-13 points, having any distribution ( can have 5,6,7 cards major) and other opening bids as 14-15 points and natural. With this information, responder is able to arrive at suitable final contract most of the time.

For this Twenty First Century System, G. P. Gupta practiced for a decade with Mr. R. K. Gupta (about 8 years) and Mr. Ashish Patel (about 2 years).When playing with them in tournaments etc. when he came across some deals where they could not reach optimum contracts (particularly game/slam),he used to think over the same afterward. While analysing those hands, he used to mull over the solution with the result, he will come up with some good & once in a while, innovative ideas. Accordingly he used to revise this system from time to time, resulting in further improvement. He will put this into practice & testing in actual plays. His emphasis has been always on certainty and practical utility in day to day deals. Now it has reached the stage where it can be safely called an Almost Accurate Bidding System.

Initially, bidding and defence was better than declarer's play. However with the influence of Mike Lawrence's epic book "How to read Opponent's Cards" and reading beautiful & making you think in right direction articles of Bernard Marcoux and Oren Lidor on BBO, as well as practising on "Vu Bridge Online", now declarer's play is also good.

G P Gupta currently resides in India, fully engaged with his passions of Bridge and Yoga, along with his three sons and five grand-children.



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